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San Francisco Fire Department Sees Spike In Breast Cancer Rate | NBC Nightly News


Smoke Perceptions, Myths and Misunderstandings

Reading smoke is one thing - breathing it is completely different.


Occupational Health Investigation of Cancer Among Firefighters

Johns Hopkins Bloomberg School of Public Health investigated a possible cancer cluster.


Firefighters Face Increased Risk for Certain Cancers

Firefighters are significantly more likely to develop four different types of cancer than workers in other fields.


Firefighter Occupational Cancer, Protections

Pennsylvania’s amendments to the Workers’ Compensation Act that addresses firefighter occupational diseases.


Fighting Fires. Fighting Cancer

Part 3 in the "Working to Death" series, examining the health risks facing firefighters.


Federal Firefighters Fairness Act of 2007

Amendment to create a presumption that disability of a Federal fire protection employee caused by certain conditions is presumed to result from the performance of such employee’s duty.


Evaluating Causality for Occupational Cancers: the Example of Firefighters

Firefighters are exposed to carcinogens associated with combustion, including polycyclic aromatic hydrocarbons.


Don’t Be Me

Bob Kilduff, with 34 years in the fire service, on his occupational cancer.


Diesel Emissions in Fire Stations

Exposure to diesel emissions from idling fire trucks and generators inside stations.


Cyanide Exposure

Evaluation of three incidents leading up to cyanide exposures sustained by members.


Cohort Mortality Study of Philadelphia Firefighters

Previous studies have reported excess risk of some cancers but have been limited by small numbers or little information.


“Chief, I Have Cancer…”

How to support our colleagues diagnosed with cancer



Characterization of Firefighter Exposures During Fire Overhaul

Minimal information is available regarding firefighter exposures during overhaul.


Cancer Risk Among Firefighters: A Review and Meta-Analysis of 32 Studies

Three criteria used to assess the probable, possible, or unlikely risk for 21 cancers included pattern of meta-relative risks, study type, and heterogeneity testing.




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