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Oakland & Alameda County International Association of Firefighters Local 55

Oakland Fire Department was established in 1869 and 49 years later the Oakland Firefighters Union Local 55 was established.  Representing 435 active firefighters and 615 retirees, Local 55 has contributed thousands of dollars in support of Bay Area charities. We feel very fortunate to be one of their recipients and thankful they are one of our partners. 


Oakland Firefighters Random Acts of Kindness

Because everyday firefighting brings them up close with the lives of people who truly needs a hand to get by.


Random Act was created to make a positive difference in other ways besides emergency responses.  The program enables firefighters to go back to an organization, a family or individual in need after a 911 call and make a positive difference with just a visit, or a refrigerator, a wheelchair, a toy or computer for a child, or whatever they felt would bring some help and some healing for everyone involved – for that person or family, and for themselves.  We are humbled and thankful to be partnered with Random Acts of Kindness.

Oakland Firefighter Hockey Club

In 2008, 15 Oakland firefighters established the Oakland Firefighter Hockey Club (OFHC) to develop a passion for ice hockey in inner-city children. Members began instructing fundamentals of ice-skating and hockey to over 100 students facilitated through Oakland Tech High School.


As the program expanded so did the need for equipment so a collaboration was formed with the Oakland Police Department to co-host the First Annual Charity Hockey game where they successfully raised over $10,000 for hockey equipment and jerseys.


A tradition was born, and annual OFHC games expanded to support even more charity organizations including the Alisa Ann Ruch Burn Foundation, the Bay Area Outreach and Recreation Program, and the Bay Area Make-A-Wish Foundation. In addition, OFHC supported families of fallen Oakland police officers and funded cancer treatments for Miley McCrary, the daughter of Oakland firefighter Scott McCrary, who was diagnosed with Ewing’s Sarcoma in 2015. (We are happy to report that today, at age 10 she is healthy and cancer free!).


This year on April 6, 2019, over 40 firefighters will be playing at the Oakland Ice Center where they hope to raise $30,000 in support of the development of several firefighter cancer prevention foundations across several Bay Area fire departments. Oakland Firefighters Cancer Prevention Foundation is proud to be one of those recipients.


I am only one,
But still I am one.
I cannot do everything,
But still I can do something;
And because I cannot do everything,
I will not refuse to do the
something that I can do.
-Edward Everett Hale

We’ve only just begun to achieve our goals and volunteers are already an integral part of our team.  We thank you for your time, expertise and heart.


Pat Connelly

Thomas Dosier

Dave Hector

Jeff Hillstrom


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